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Age. 38
Gender. Female
Location Portland, OR
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I got marrieeeed.
Wednesday. 10.16.13 5:36 pm
Way back on August 17th, Edward and I tied the knot in Portland.

It was a great, very small, intimate wedding. We had about 50 guests, my cousin officiated, my dad was in the band (so my mom gave me away), and we did the best we could with a minimal budget. My dad and his brothers played Queen's "You're My Best Friend" as I walked down the aisle and it was so much fun.

It was perfect!

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures, I hope you enjoy!

And if anyone ever needs wedding tips, let me know!

Gettin' my hair did

Best bridesmaid's ever!

Me and my perfect angel mom, beating our pre-wedding jitters with mimosas (DO RECOMMEND)

Small and sweet

Do your own flowers!!! I went with my mom and bridesmaids to the farmers market day of to buy dahlias and roses, and they came out beautifully! And it was only like 50 bucks. The filler came from my parent's yard.


Arriving guests

Leach Botanical Garden

The band! My dad and his brothers/my uncles.

My mom was so excited!

Edward was so handsome!

I was excited too! (I did not do my own bouquet, I got it at Whole Foods)

My cousin Mac, the officiant.

We're marriieeeeeed!

You guys, bustles are crazy.

Like, look how freaked out my sister is. That face.

As you can see, my bustle had some technical difficulties.


Love my parents.

Love my sweet Irish family.

Wish I could live in this little house.

Best bridal party ever.


Baby sister!

I honestly don't know.

Spring for lights if you're having an outdoor wedding, the cost is totally worth it.


You're so pretty.

My cousin's have really cute kids.

Don't forget to feed your guests, weddings are exhausting for everyone.

Our cake topper idea didn't work out so we went with pretty flowers. I bought my cake from a bakery that's been around since the 40's, and it was so delicious and so reasonably priced. I recommend staying away from trendy new bakeries, they charge a lot more than traditional bakeries.

Pink champagne cake!

Anyway, I hope all of these linked Facebook pictures work. If not, I'll upload them and try again!

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Applying for a job or internship.
Thursday. 6.6.13 4:50 pm
I forgot to post about this when it happened, but about a month ago a student working toward his Master’s in the field I work in emailed me three times regarding an internship.

The breakdown:

- Email number one: Spelled our company’s name incorrectly. Twice. TYPOZ (multiple!). Forgot an attachment he referred to in his email. Didn’t send a resume or cover letter (??). Said I should contact his professor to learn more about him (HAHA OKAY GIVE ME MORE WORK TO DO HILARIOUS TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME).

- Email number two: The attachment he forgot. (His student handbook, for my reference...)

-Email number three: The same exact email as number one, except with our company’s name spelled correctly. Still forgot the attachment.

I sent him a polite email back, letting him know we already have a summer intern.

Hey, if any of you are college students applying for internships or jobs soon, please feel free to contact me for help. Looking for an internship sucks, I've been there.

I'm the person who reviews the cover letters and resumes we receive where I work. Trust me, all it takes is one simple mistake for your application materials to get trashed. Personally, I'm not that picky, but we don't receive high volumes of resumes. Companies that do will look for anything, no matter how small, to screen out resumes. All it takes is one typo.

LET ME HELP YOU. Ask me questions, let me proof your cover letter, whatever you need! Just, please, don't do what this person did. You will never get an interview that way.

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Adventures in bus riding.
Wednesday. 5.15.13 5:16 pm
Yesterday I was waiting for my bus at a stop with puke everywhere so things weren't off to a good start. But there was no one else waiting which is always a plus.

I was checking the wait time for my bus on my phone when some random dude walked up, stood next to me and said, “Hey.” I ignored him because why the fuck should I respond to someone who just says hey and stands there. You got something you actually wanna say to me, say it.

My bus was three minutes away.

The guy is still standing there and I'm staring at my phone, willing the bus to hurry up.

He says, “You look good.”

I’m wearing my workout clothes. I’m sweaty. I don’t want attention, I don’t want to be bothered, I just want to go home. Nine hour work day, one hour Bar Method class. Seriously, I just want to be in my shower.

I continue staring hard at my phone, WILLING the bus to be there.

The guy reaches out. And POKES me. POKES MY SHOULDER.

“Don’t TOUCH me.”

“You don’t gotta be rude like that!”

“You don’t need to touch me! Don’t TALK to me. Don’t TOUCH me.”

He shuffles off about 10 feet away and stares at me until my bus FINALLY comes.

Who pokes people? What makes you think that’s an okay thing to do? You poke me and I’m the rude one? Get the fuck outta here!

I have no obligation to talk to you or respond to you or anything! Just leave me alone! Why can't I just be left alone?

Am I bitchy for how I acted? Is it unreasonable to ignore someone you have no interest in interacting with? What the hell am I supposed to do in a situation like that? Be nice? Ignore? WHAT SOMEONE TELL ME. Or at least tell me how to look even more unapproachable so I don't find myself in a situation like that ever again. Bag over my head? Wear a Snuggie around? Dress like a man??


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wedding dress
Thursday. 5.2.13 6:59 pm
I bought this dress.

You can wear it about 15 different ways, but I'll probably wear it the traditional way. MAYBE change it up for the reception.

I also booked the caterer and bought the cake. So things are movin' right along.

Sorry I've been gone so long, work and weddingy stuff have been stressing me out/taking up all my time.

Weddings are EXPENSIVE, whyyyy.

It was so cute when I bought my cake you guys, the woman at the bakery said, "Now, we'll need at least a $10 deposit," and I said, "Can I just pay in full right now?" and she said, "Yes. Go team!"

Yeah, go team!

I'm trying to pay cash for everything as possible and not put anything on a credit card. I'd like this thing to be done and paid for when it's all over. I have very minimal debt right now and I'd like to keep it that way. I'm actually hoping to have my debt paid off by the end of this year. Did you guys know you're supposed to order your wedding dress like six months before your wedding? No one told me and I had to put a rush on my dress! And my wedding isn't until August 17th! GOD WEDDINGS UGH. Should have eloped probably.


If you are unfamiliar with Daft Punk, you should immediately watch Interstella 55555. DO IT NOW.

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